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Each new day is an opportunity to…

I can’t believe its December already and Christmas is just around the corner! As many of you know the holidays can be both joyous and a challenge for some.  Perhaps you lost a loved one and they are not around with you during the holidays.  Perhaps you feel lonely or sad around this time of year.  Maybe you just can’t get into the christmas spirit.

So what are you going to do about it?  Why not share with others, reach out and take a risk?  I’d love to hear from you!  Share your thoughts here at my blog.  We can learn from one another.  One of my mantras is “Each new day is an opportunity to…” You fill in the blank.  Thank God we are given these opportunities to change our thoughts, our days, even our lives!

Let’s talk about it!

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  1. Melanie says:

    Beth – I think it’s great to speak out about what you’re going through on a public forum. I am bipolar and I too suffer from depression – some days are better than others – so I know that I will always have to find ways to get through a day, or a week or a month. I agree, giving to others and doing something nice for someone else is a great way to deflect negative thoughts and focus positively on someone else (even when we may not really want to). Keep writing, I look forward to your blogs.

  2. HI Melanie,
    Thank you for your supportive words. I do believe a public forum, although it means taking a risk, is helpful in the process towards healing. My best to you through the good days and the not so good. Bless you! And thanks for sharing.

  3. George Guy, Sr. says:

    Dear Beth,

    Depression for anyone is very difficult to accept for yourself; just like so many persons really do not know what and who forgiveness really is for. Like forgiveness, we have to understand that we must forgive ourselves, first!

    Every Advent/Christmas season I recall my horrible life experiences in combat; Vietnam; at age 19 during the bloody Tet Offensive attack upon American military, 1968…I recall missing Christmas Day and eating canned tuna fish and drinking dirty water as the noise and traumatic experiences began for me over 40 years ago; yet, the memories are very vivid to me today; except, now, I realize those experiences were in “there and then…”I share this horrible experience with thousands of American veterans of the Vietnam War but as the Roman Catholic priest once said to AA members: “we have to get off the cross because we need the wood…”

    God has prepared me for survval in the “world” after my combat experiences. I learned and am still learning from continued treatments that if one does not fix the mind to cope the body and its systems will fail too.

    Take care and may God always bless you and family. Never forget, you do not like apples but you enjoy my NY apple pie? Why?

    Faitfully yours,
    Sir George

  4. Thank you Sir George for sharing your thoughts. I can only imagine how difficult for you that Xmas in Vietnam was and then to have those memories come to revisit you time and time again. I am sure there are countless men and women who experience those same feelings. I appreciate your sharing…depression can take all manners of forms. Bless you and yours! Best, Beth

  5. BambiEyez says:

    Okay now, this whole sharing thing is going to take some getting used to :-) Growing up, I felt I had to do what I knew to do; not what I necessarily wanted to do. So for about 25 years, I lived my life pleasing others. Now I’m in a constant stuggle with my mother to create boundaries. That’s not going too well :-( But I’m at a point now that if I don’t share, I’m going to do more harm than good. So Beth, I guess you’re going to have to scoot over & share some space on the couch :-)

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