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Joyful footsteps!

I just went for a family walk in my neighborhood in the freezing weather!  Actually it was invigorating and I realised just how much I missed my daily walks.  Its so much easier to exercise in the summer and since the weather started getting cold my daily exercise rapidly dropped off.  But exercise is just as important as taking your meds and seeing your therapist.  I remember a psychiatrist saying that for 30 years he has been trying to get his patients to fill one prescription-exercise!  Just a thirty minute walk a day or every other day can help so much.  Now honestly, I have been neglecting this important feature in my life recently but I know I need to do it to build balance and joy in my life.  Depression can be debilitating and one of the hardest things sometimes is just getting out of the bed.  But I am realizing more and more just how important it is to get out and move, get the blood flowing, get the adrenaline pumping!  It brings balance which in turn brings joy especially for those battling depression.  What can I say?  Step out!  Take that literal leap of faith and see how it feels!  Happy Holidays!

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