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Expect the Unexpected!

Its been a while since I last posted…I feel like I am making a confession!  In the time I have not written I have had some bad days and some good days.  Par for the course I guess!  Some days have been difficult to get out of the bed to face the day, others have been slow days in which things get done but oh so slowly!  Yet others have been surprisingly productive and my spirit and soul feel perfectly aligned and I feel joy and I am happy to be here, with my husband and my family, and I am thankful for my life and for each breath I take and for each minute blessing that comes my way.  I thank God for those unexpected days.  I don’t necessarily know when they are going to come and as much as people may say to you that you can make those kind of days happen, sometimes I simply can’t because of the depression I may feel.  But I want to expect the unexpected.  I want to be surprised when I open my eyes in the morning and wake up to a brand new day full of new and exciting possibilities and opportunities.  I want to be surprised that when I put my feet on the floor there is enough energy in them to boost me up and out of the bed.  I want to feel the surprise of a curl of a smile forming around my lips.  I want to feel the surprise when I say to myself  “I feel good today!”  Thank God for those days. I pray that there are more of those days than others.  Sometimes, we’ve just got to expect the unexpected!!  Bless you!

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  1. BambiEyez says:

    Expecting the Unexpected!!!!!

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