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I love myself when I’m…

My mother just entered her eighth decade here on earth!!  It was so exciting and I am so happy to have her.  Her birthday got me thinking about time and what we do with it.  It’s amazing to me that some days go by and not much happens.  Or I choose not to do too much.  The day slips through my fingers and before I know it, the next day is here!  And yesterday is gone…forever! 

Then there are days which are so productive and full of energy and I feel so good and refreshed about it!  So what do I think about this discrepancy?  I don’t think that everyday should be the same.  I believe there are some days when our bodies and souls probably need a rest and need a break from the world.  The difference however is how we approach it.  Do we beat ourselves up about it?  No.  We accept and move on.  We love ourselves and try to make the best of each day, whatever shape that day may take.  I’m not advocating “laziness” or mediocrity, I’m advocating taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves just that much more.

I love myself when I’m…

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  1. BambiEyez says:

    I love myself when I’m at peace!!!! When I’m lying in the bed thanking God for His goodness, grace, & mercy.

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