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My life needs a soundtrack…what’s yours?

I started going for a run/walk every morning now and I absolutely can’t go without my music!  My phone (Pandora) streams the music I want to hear to push me through every step I take!  If I’m running uphill for example and I can barely make it, the Black-Eyed Peas come on and give me that extra boom boom pow!  And then somehow I garner enough energy to make it up that hill!

If I only had that all the time.  A “phat” soundtrack just energizing my every move, from cleaning the toilets to cooking to mopping the floor!  If only Lady Gaga would come with her “Bad Romance” to keep me going. 

You might not have an actual soundtrack to push you through the day but what do you use?  What’s your life-giving motivating soundtrack? 

Have a wonderful musical day!

love always,


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