Count your blessings…no really!!!

We’ve all heard this before, especially when we’re feeling sad or down.  “Count your blessings!”  “Remember what you have, and be thankful!” I don’t know about you but many a time I get overwhelmed by the negative things and forget to think about what positive things I can come up with.  I get burdened down with how I am feeling, and the littlest things seem to GROW into these huge uncontrollable/unfixable things!  Ever happen to you? 

Well, after these past few days with Irene leaving her trail of damage and earthquakes shaking up the states, I am learning truly what’s really uncontrollable.  Natural disasters, sickness, death….

This morning I ran about 2.2 miles around a park …without stopping…which is a MAJOR accomplishment for me!  This morning I am grateful for two strong legs.  For lungs that work.  For ears that work and could listen to rhythms on my phone.  For my phone! :)

I read this morning someone write that things are not perfect, but she’s feeling perfectly fine right now.  Yes!  Things may not be as I want them to be.  I may not feel altogether “fine”.  But I am grateful for waking up this morning and taking a new breath.  I am grateful for God’s gift of exercise. I am grateful for another opportunity to have a joyful day.

So yes, count your blessings!  I bet there are more than you think!

Bless you!

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