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Laughter as medicine?

So, about 3 months ago, after 3 years, I stopped taking my medication…with my psychiatrist’s guidance and support, ofcourse.  I felt I had to try something radical.  I wasn’t feeling that much better on meds so I tried a new approach.  Well my psychiatrist said two things are going to be very important to me…EXERCISE and LAUGHTER. 

Well, I’ve been going to the park every morning now.  Before I was walking, but like I mentioned yesterday, I started running.  I’ve always wanted to be a runner so I am trying!  Anyway, exercise I get…the feel good hormones are released, not to mention a pound or two might disappear.

But laughter!  I hadn’t really thought about that as true medicine.  Apparently laugh therapy is really big in India.  When I told my doctor that I didn’t really laugh, he said even fake laughter works.  So I’m now on the search for things to laugh about.  TV comedies don’t really work for me.  It stresses me out to watch stand up comedians…I’m always worried for them that they’ll flop!

So I’m asking you.  When do you laugh?  What do you laugh about?  How do you keep the humor going in your life?  I need some ideas.  Any out there?

Keep laughing!


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  1. teddy says:

    i am so, so proud of you! you have to know which shows or comedians to watch. john stewart, the colbert report, the cartoon characters (mickey, bugs, goofy, tom and jerry, etc.) , talk soup on the e network, and any comedy that comes out on the big screen seem to work.

    as for the running, you’ll have fun. get some good running shoes. go to the running store or any store that evaluates, your stride, etc. and get something that will give you the right kind of support and you’ll be a gazelle! check out this page on facebook “run wifey run.”
    i think she is right there with you in atlanta. i enjoy reading her blog. so have fun and know that your loved to pieces!!

    oh, go and rent or order steve martin’s “father of the bride I” and “father of the bride II.”
    also, check out this comedian, louis ck. i hear great reviews of his work. i am sure you’ll get more suggestions. love ya!

  2. Thanks so much! I’ll be on the look out for good humor!! “Run wifey run” actually goes to church with us. I read her blog all the time! I love the father of the bride movies too! Thanks for the great suggestions. Love ya!!

  3. teddy says:

    What???!!! You know her? Please give her my love. Tell her she is amazing and I can;t wait to meet her in person. oh and i love your entry this morning about the angel.

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