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Today’s a new day!

Good morning! Everyday I wake up, with each day’s challenges, I am thankful for a new day. One of my biggest challenges is obsessing over things that I could have done differently, or said differently, or thought about differently… I mean I really obsess!! It’s hard for me to just let go and move on. But recently I’ve been doing a lot better!

Conversations can always be revisited and corrected if need be; I can always forgive myself and others for “whatever”. The past can be left in the past. Because each day is a whole new day… With new opportunities and new thanksgivings and of course new challenges! ( they don’t go away…I can just deal with them differently)

So I’ve still been walk/ running in the mornings. One step at a time! I have a partner now who I am thankful for! Thanks Ashleigh! And I am thankful for the runner who gave me a high five as I was struggling up the hill the

Have a fantastically fresh new day!!

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