Holy Saturday- Choose God’s Story Again Today!


Some words I shared at the St. Paul’s ECW Holy Saturday Prayer Breakfast…

Today in the quiet of this Holy Saturday, choose God’s story again today.   Today, we remember the story of a man who was born humbly, who lived faithfully, taught creatively, served generously; suffered unnecessarily, died violently and who rose triumphantly! Write this healing story into our own life-stories and pass it on.  Choose to tell the story that laughter will wipe away the tears; light will shatter the darkness and that death is not the end.  We are an Easter people!  And we cannot be silent.  Jesus said, even the stones shall cry out in praise.  What is whispered in the darkness shall be shouted from the rooftops! Look outside, even the trees are shouting; with each explosion of a new bud, a new blossom, life makes a way again.  Choose God’s story again today!  Speak it, sing it, dance it, pray it, serve it, work it, heal with it, be it, do it, believe it!

Choose God’s story again today!


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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