Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright

Passionate advocate for authenticity in our lives and in our communities.

A Poem for Fathers

Some daddies we can’t get enough of!

Some daddies, frankly, we’ve had enough of.

Some daddies are larger than life!  Wise, teachers,counsellors, a listening ear, a comforting heart, a guiding hand, a warm smile.

Some daddies are large only in our imaginations.

Some daddies are here in our everyday, spoiling grandchildren, growing older, passing on their stories

Some daddies are watching from afar; gone but not forgotten; departed but ever present in our hearts.

Daddies are men who know and who do not know

Daddies are men who hurt and feel pain; who laugh and feel joy

Daddies are men who fear and cower; who are courageous and bold

Daddies are men who fall down; Daddies are men who get up.

Daddies are men who are loved

Daddies are men who are forgiven

Daddies are men who are remembered.

Thank you God for all Daddies

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