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What great things are you up to today?

My friend,

In my daily time with God, I’ve been reading an inspiring book called “A Little Daily Wisdom ” by Joel Fontinos and August Gold.  It has small bible verses to start the day.

The verse that struck me recently was this: “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do.” John 14:12A

Then at the bottom of the page is a small prayer, “Today the greatness of God is my greatness now.”

Wow!!  Astounding!!  What a powerful affirmation!  “Greater things than these will he/she/you/they/I do!”

Sometimes we cut ourselves so short.  Convinced that as one individual there is little we can do, can achieve, can accomplish, can make a difference.  We sometimes create excuses for ourselves that stifle our creativity, our own genius, our own possibility.  We say I’m not smart enough, not pretty enough, wasn’t born in the right place, the right gender, the right color…  Then I think of God’s genius.  A baby born to an unwed teenage mother, raised by a man not his father, a menial day laborer, said yes to God and changed the world!  No silver spoon in his mouth, not the best private schools, not even the right connections.  But he had a purpose and he invites us today to do even greater things than he!  Thanks be to God!

And so I ask, what great things will you do today?  I’m not talking about creating world peace or fixing the troublesome economy, although if you have an idea, by all means, pursue it! Great things sometimes come in small packages.

Will you say a prayer for someone today? How about tell someone you love them?  Forgive someone today? What about see God in those you encounter today?  Even the driver who cuts in front of you!  What about seeing God in the reflection in the mirror?

Imagine a world where we each did more of these great things today.

My friend, choose to do great things today!

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