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What do you choose?

….As far as I have read in scripture, I don’t ever remember Jesus saying “Go forth and burn yourself out!   Be frantic!  Run around like a chicken with your head chopped off!”  Do you?  Yet in many instances we find that we do.  And we yearn for a peace, a sense of wholeness.  Not to be superwomen but simply to handle our day-to-day responsibilities in a way that is kind to ourselves, to others around us and that follows God.  Jesus doesn’t invite us to be stressed out, but he does invite us to follow him, and in doing so, all things, more than we can even ask or imagine, are possible!

…In the Mary and Martha story (Luke 10: 38-42), Jesus doesn’t say anything about balancing.  he clearly says put me first.  Put God first.  But how, Martha might ask, or we might ask when we still have children to tend to, toilets to clean, laundry to be done, dishes to wash, briefs to write, patients to attend to, work projects to finish; we still have our bodies to take care of, significant others to love and validate, friends and parents who want our presence.  The list goes on and on no matter where we are in our lives.  How?  By choosing to say yes to God.  Wholly, completely and freely…

…The difference between feeling whole and having a hole in our soul is simply a “w”.  A “w” for worship.  Who or what do you choose to worship to fill that hole?  The God of “I’m so busy…so stressed out!”?  The God of “Somebody has to do it, may as well be me”?  Or the God that promises the fruit of “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control”?

You choose.  I invite you today, choose to say yes to God again!



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  1. Barbara Panton says:

    I love how you choose topics that all who wish to read or listen can identify. Please keep this important ministry going. Love Ma Pa Sent from my iPad

  2. Thank you! The folks who invited me chose this topic. I consider it such a privilege and opportunity to think about and prepare these topics, learn more about God, and then put it in my own voice from my own experiences. Thanks be to God! Love you!

  3. Susan says:

    Seeing this a little late..but right on time for me!..thank you Beth!!..I may not always comments..but I’m always reading, listening, and applying!!..lol

  4. Thanks Susan! Thanks for reading! Bless you and yours!

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