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#5:Depression Can Hurt!

Did you know that depression can hurt?  I’m not talking about emotionally.  I’m talking about physical pain!

Depression can hurt!

Many may not be aware that depression can also have physical symptoms, including chronic pain, headaches, muscle aches and joint pains.  Some other symptoms may include:

Back pain

Chest pain

Digestive problems

Dizziness or lightheadedness

Exhaustion and fatigue

Sleep (either too much or too little)

Change in appetite or weight

Help is available.  There is always hope! Visit your doctor.

Bless you!

4 Responses so far.

  1. This is so true. I have sore joints all the time. Always have.

  2. I know! I had achy joints, back pain and seemingly inexplicable headaches. Thanks for reading!

  3. Cassie says:

    This pain can go beyond soreness and mild discomfort. I frequently get sharp chest pain where I am unable to move because it hurts so badly.

  4. It truly is amazing how our bodies respond to our mental states! Thanks for sharing and reading!

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