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#9: Relapse is Possible but not Permanent!

So after a period of feeling so much better, after the tears stopped flowing and the energy returned to my body and laughter returned to my soul something unexpected happened.  I had a relapse.

I had only known of that word in the context of alcoholism, you know “falling off the wagon” but I never knew that could be true for mental illnesses as well.

 It is not unfathomable to have multiple bouts of depressive episodes.

Relapse is possible but certainly not permanent!

Check your “Recovery List” (whatever it may be):

Am I being kind to myself?

Am I sleeping? Eating right? Exercising?

Am I taking my meds? Am I thinking positive thoughts? Am I doing too much?

Don’t worry.  It is only a temporary moment.  A NEW OPPORTUNITY to heal some more.  Take it!

5 Depression Relapse Triggers (National Mental Health Information Center)

Interpersonal friction

Feeling overwhelmed or having too much to do

Being judged or criticized

Ending a relationship

Physical illness


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