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A New Song

Ever pay attention to the song you sing?  You know what I mean, the words that you find you always turn to, that are so comfortable to you , you might not even notice them?

“I’m just so busy!”; “People just don’t understand me.”; “They don’t appreciate all I’ve done”; “I’m holding on!”; Why does everybody else seem to be doing well and not me?” ; “I feel like I’m trying and trying and not getting anywhere.”

Mine for a long time was “I’m not good enough”.

But there is good news!  We can always CHOOSE to sing a new song!  And sing it with such a gusto and fervor that it penetrates into our very soul!!  And we can feel differently, act differently, see differently!

How about “I feel stronger everyday”; “I am so thankful for this new day, an opportunity to do something new today”; I’m so thankful to be alive”; Each day brings me closer to my goal!”; “I am joyful today!”; “I’m not just holding on I am thriving, thanks be to God!”; “I am thankful for another opportunity to love God more, love myself more and love others more!”

What are you going to sing today? Sing it and mean it!

“I waited patiently for the Lord;

God heard my cry and put a NEW SONG in my mouth!” (Psalm 40)

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