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Everyday Miracles!

 I went to my Aqua Fit class this morning that I haven’t been to since the summer :(

When I entered the pool area, I was embraced by the more consistent women who attend that class, with exuberant hugs and wonderfully warm smiles!  It was if I were a long lost family member come home.  I am probably the only woman in that class below 60 years of age and I don’t know these women anymore than a first name!

Yet they were so happy to see me and welcomed me right back into the class like I hadn’t missed a day in the past  6 months!

As I looked at these women I saw such joy and life and laughter in their faces and bodies.  I saw a woman who had been suffering through chemo six months ago.  She looked glorious!  Her hair grown back in, color back in her cheeks and she was still swimming!  Another woman in her 70’s said with such glee, I have no pains and aches to complain of!

I was reminded of my psychiatrist who said to me that there is one consistent prescription he gives his patients that they almost never fill- GO FOR A WALK!!  Exercise is one of those everyday miracles that we have at our finger tips, yet sometimes such a challenge to fill.  When I came off my meds two years ago, my psychiatrist said to me, two things you must do: laugh and exercise! Two everyday miracles! As I looked at those women joyfully doing jumping jacks in the water, I remembered that healing is always possible, hope is enduring and joy is attainable!

I left the pool with a ridiculously wide smile on my face!  The sunshine penetrated my heart and I laughed all the way home!  My day will be different today…thanks be to God!

“The nights of crying your eyes out give way to days of laughter!” Psalm 30:5

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  1. A very uplifting, Spirit-filled reflection. I’ve featured this in my weekly “Mental Health Monday” post.

  2. Thank you Tonyroberts64! I appreciate you!

  3. Saburi Imara says:

    2 miracles, laughter and exercise. Thanks be to God!! Now I just have to do the exercises, I do love water ex. classes. Thanks so much for sharing. Love you so much. Mama Saburi

  4. Water aerobics is great and easier on the body. Its the consistency that can be a challenge…but its worth it!! Love you too!

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