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Live the life…Now!

My family and I were blessed to spend this Thanksgiving in Jamaica, my home, with family and old friends. Within minutes of landing on this beautiful island, in 85 degree weather and the sweet smell of sea water wafting on the breeze, my husband looked at me and said, quite correctly, “You are so much happier here…you seem lighter here.”  Well yes!  I was so grateful to be there, a place I love deeply, with my family.  But it did make me think,

 Can a simple change in location make that much of a difference in my joy, my happiness?  

I want more than that.  Yes, the profundity of being home penetrated my very core, but I, we, can’t rely on a change of location to release our joy.  It has to come from within.  It has to reside within.  The Daily Word meditation from today says, “I remember there is an inexhaustible source of guidance in my soul.”  I believe that.  I believe we each have the capacity and the power to bring about that joy no matter where we are.  I’m saying that the power we have yearns for wholeness and healing.  We must be open to that possibility and take the steps we can, whether they be getting professional help, forgiving those who have hurt us including ourselves, giving and being open to receiving love, prayer, dance, singing- whatever it is we need to do to unleash that joy which is deeply woven into our DNA.

I choose that joy today.

“…Live the life you want to live. Live your life so that you will not leave too many things undone.  Live the life you sing about.  Live the life. That’s it.” Maya Angelou

Choose joy.  Choose today. Choose now.

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