A Christmas Opportunity

This can be a very difficult time of year for many.  Perhaps its SAD, seasonal affective disorder, where the shorter days and darker days really pull you down.  Perhaps it is the very first Christmas season after having lost someone close, a husband of 66 years, a grandparent, a friend… Perhaps it is all the hustle and bustle that steals away from the preciousness and potentially special time this represents.

I have to be honest, for a while there, I was turning off the radio anytime a Christmas song came on.  I was somewhat repelled by being bombarded by marketing for shopping.  I just wasn’t “feeling it”.  And within the past few days I learned of 4 separate suicide attempts.  The pain is real.  The loneliness is real.  The despair is real.

However, the sun keeps rising every morning in truly spectacular splendor.  The moon continues to hang in the sky, bold and luminous and strong.  The trees continue to stand upright reaching, stretching  for the light.  EACH DAY IS A NEW OPPORTUNITY!!  New opportunities to reach out to someone we haven’t in a while.  To restart a conversation with someone we need to, even if they are not here physically.  New opportunities to be kinder to ourselves, to others.  New opportunities to say I love you, I forgive you, forgive me, I thank God for you; I need help; I am ready to be whole, I am ready to make a change, I’m sorry.

Perhaps NOW is the time to SEE the opportunity, GRASP the opportunity, USE this opportunity.

Remember the opportunity that came to an unwed, teenage girl and her faithful fiance; Remember how they surrendered to that opportunity despite its difficulty and messiness, and the beautiful savior, Jesus, who was born from that opportunity!

What will be born from your opportunity?

Merry Christmas!