This past weekend, my family said our final good-bye to my ‘Aunt Neita’ who went home into God’s bosom on December 30.  Days before, something deep in my spirit was urging me to go visit with her. It was insistent, relentless and was simply not going away.

You know sometimes when you get a strong urge to do something?  The feeling is persistent and intrusive, always sneaking into your thoughts, perhaps your dreams. Sometimes you may even see affirmations of it in a random magazine article, or Facebook post or in your devotions, something appears that confirms that nagging thought.  I believe it is the Spirit, God, speaking to us in those moments, and we must LISTEN and then RESPOND.

So I did.

We booked our flights quickly, made the necessary arrangements, and my mother (Aunt Neita’s baby sister), my daughter (who had never met Aunt Neita before) and I, went to her. We lay in the bed with her, embraced her weakened body and prayed with her.  I watched my mother feed her, lovingly massage her feet and whisper stories and sweet memories with her. We sat with her husband, her partner of 64 years and re-membered.  I watched one of her sons, who had come from Jamaica to savor last moments with her, diligently and gently love on her.

Two days later her spirit travelled home.

Thank you God for speaking to us.   May we always listen to you.

              What is God saying to you, today?