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There’s something inside of us

I had the privilege of watching a short documentary about the women in the Zapatista movement in Mexico recently.  Fundamentally, these women are fighting to be “seen” as human beings, with dignity and respect.  They are fighting against decades of being ‘ignored’ and being told they are worth nothing.They fight for their freedom and independence from their powerful landowners and the strong tentacles of patriarchy.

So why am I sharing this?

Because it made me think that fundamentally, we all desire ‘not to be ignored’, to feel worthy, to be truly ‘seen’, to be free! The ways we do that may manifest differently, from forming a revolutionary movement like the Zapatistas to going to the doctor to finally get the help you need. But from somewhere deep inside we seek that wholeness and freedom.

Ever think there is something inside urging you to try something different in your life?  It may be to try to do more exercise, or give more of your time to others, or be kinder or not feel so sad or energy-less any more.  I believe God made us that way, with an unquenchable desire for wholeness and healing.

So listen to the voice and keep striving for that wholeness.  Don’t give up!  Its a journey and we’ll get there! It’s where we’re meant to be!

“There’s something within me that holds the reins. There’s something within me that banishes pain. There’s something within me I cannot explain., There is something within. There is something within.” Myrlie Evers (at President Obama’s 2nd inauguration)

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