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My New Novel!

I couldn’t think of a better day to introduce my new novel, Weeping May Endure for a Night, than today, Holy Saturday.

Weeping May Endure for a Night

It’s one of my favorite days!  The space in between loss and the hope of “joy coming in the morning!” (Psalm 30:5). Between Good Friday and Easter morning.  Our lives are filled with such moments, where our weeping may only endure for a night and joy is promised in the morning!  And more specifically in the lives of the fabulous main characters in my novel, Ava and Almah, two women on their  own journeys towards the promise of joy in the new mornings of their lives.

 This is my debut novel and is inspired by mother’s remarkable ability to tell stories and her and my profound love for the place where she grew up: St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.  I was encouraged to write this by the words of Toni Morrison who said Write the story you want to read. This is clearly a story I wanted to read about the power in telling our stories… all part of our stories,  and the forgiveness, freedom, love, healing and joy, if and when we choose to tell them!

Please read and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it!

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  1. Barbara Panton says:

    Ms Beth, First of all our heartfelt congratulations on the launch of your first novel. The setting is beautiful . Thank you,thank you for being the kind caring thoughtful person you are …. you are and will always be a blessing to us. Could not help a little walk down memory lane! please know you are loved beyond measure. May the Good Lord continue to guide you and bless your efforts. This is indeed a Happy Easter. Love to the clan. Ma Pa

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  2. Thank YOU! You are the inspiration. Love!

  3. Gloria L. Sylvester says:

    Congratulations, First Lady Dr. Beth-Sarah! Your path of light continues to unfold as you expand your love through the Christ-Spirit in you. It serves you and your steps of faith and courage serve others. More on your debut novel after I read it and also share the ‘good news’ with others on my Facebook page and my email distribution list. God has aligned your path with favor and I am truly grateful for the intersection of our paths. I feel JOY! Must Be Morning! Gloria

  4. Bless you and thank you Gloria! It must be morning indeed! Joy!

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