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I read about another death by suicide this morning.  I didn’t even know of this young woman but my 13 year old daughter did.  Her name is Simone Battle and as I learned from my daughter, was a really talented singer who was gaining notoriety and success and my daughter really liked her.  All I saw in the article yesterday was an image of a beautiful, young, vibrant black woman.  Imagine the shock on my little girl’s face when I read that she was found dead in her home yesterday.  But then to discover this morning it was a death by suicide…my daughter upon hearing the news, simply asked ‘Why?’

Not everyone who has depression dies by suicide, but nearly everyone who does, has depression or other mental illness.

Why so young? She was only 25.

Why, when there is help available?

Why when she was so beautiful,  so talented?

The difference between having a HOLE in your soul and being WHOLE is simply a W.  A W for worship. The question is, what do you worship?  What story do you choose to worship?

Is it a story that says ‘this is too hard to get out of this pain’?  Is it a story that says ‘it’s not going to get any better’?  A story that says ‘I’ll take this in my own hands and have full control over the ending’? A story that says ‘the world will be better off without me’? (That was mine about 8 years ago)

Today, I offer this story, the story I choose to worship, God’s story…that it DOES get better.  That HOPE and HEALING is possible.  That weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning. That FORGIVENESS of self and others can bring FREEDOM and PEACE deep down in our souls.  That pain and suffering does not last always.  That BEAUTIFUL things are made out of the dust. That each LIFE is worthy NO MATTER WHAT.

What story do you choose to worship?

I pray you found peace Simone Battle and now you rest. And I pray for comfort and understanding for  your family and friends and all who loved you



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  1. JoJo Nelson says:

    Dear Ms. Wright, I heard you speak last Wed. night and so enjoyed it. I have lived with depression most of my life and am having a particularly difficult bout now. I have been under the care of a psychiatrist for years and feel I need to maybe get a second opinion and outside of just looking in the Yellow Pages, don’t know where to turn. Is there anyone you would suggest who might help me think about medications or a new approach? Thank You

  2. H Jojo,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for coming out to my book signing and also for sharing your story.

    I am sorry you are having a challenging time right now. You said you were thinking of getting a second opinion and was seeking some advice about that. May I remind you I am not a physician or am I medically trained. Some questions: Have you discussed your thoughts with your current psychiatrist? Have you discussed with him/her about the difficulty you’re having and that you are considering changing/amending your course of treatment? Perhaps your psychiatrist may recommend someone else. Or recommend a different course of treatment. You may consider asking friends or or trusted confidantes if they may suggest someone. Or you may ask your primary care physician. You might also try going to a website like the depression and bipolar alliance Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance – Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, http://www.dbsalliance.org or Emotions Anonymous, http://www.emontionsanonymous.org for further advice. I pray for your healing during this time. Know that you are being prayed for. And I share with you my favorite scripture in times like this, Psalm 30:5. Bless you Jojo.

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