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Enough to live for!!

Ever find yourself wanting to travel to that faraway, distant, idyllic land of “Enough”?

You know the place, where you are confident enough, beautiful enough, slim enough, rich enough, smart enough, accomplished enough, strong enough, happy enough…

Well, I just don’t think they’re any planes flying there because it simply doesn’t exist.

Suppose you were to say, today, I am ENOUGH!  With all my fabulous foibles and  with all my beautiful blemishes,

Today, I am ENOUGH!

Because my obstacles are opportunities and  my pits become palaces, I am enough!

Of course we want to do better, feel better, but that’s what every new day is- an opportunity to do just that.  I don’t have to get it all right today or even tomorrow.  But I am worthy.  My life is worthy.  I am simply enough.

Be ENOUGH today!


September is Suicide Prevention Month. It is 100% preventable.  The Care and Counseling Center of Georgia is offering a support group for those who have attempted suicide or have thought about it for different reasons.  See details below.



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