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Get up!

My husband and I saw Ziggy Marley perform the other night.  I heard a new song of his, “I Get Up” that just about brought tears to my eyes. Imagine! In the midst of a very energetic and enthusiastic crowd, screaming the lyrics to “Look Who’s Dancing” and “Love is my religion”, I just wanted to cry.  Not because I was sad but because…

I’m just so grateful I’m alive today….

God’s mercy and grace helped me to get up…

I discovered new courage I didn’t know I had inside me…

It wasn’t easy but I’m so glad I got up…

It was a reminder that each day is such a gift and a new opportunity for new choices and new life…

He sings:

See the light today,
Hey, you know we got to find a way
We been through a lot of shift
Baby the race isn’t for the swift
So smile with the sunrise
There’s a lot of life to live!

Been to the dark place
Surviving the hate
It tries to bring you down
Oh the world is just that way
And through the noise a whisper
Arise and awake”

I get up now, Everyday, I get up,  Anyways!


Listen for the whisper.  Even when it doesn’t feel like its possible.  Even when every fiber in your body says no.

Get up in your mind.  Get up in your heart.  Get up in your soul.

Its worth it.  Light will shatter the darkness.  Laughter will return to your lips.  Joy will return to your heart.  Its possible.

Hope will help you get up…thanks be to God!

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  1. Kei says:

    This is such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational words! God Bless you!

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