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The ONE thing we ALL have but don’t even know it…

I was struck by the words of Charlayne Hunter-Gault, the woman along with Hamilton Holmes who integrated the University of Georgia in 1961 in Athens, GA.  I heard her say about teenagers like herself who participated in sit ins and demonstrations during the Civil Rights era, that somehow they looked inside of themselves and discovered something they never knew they had…COURAGE.

Remarkable!  Today I remember the courage of the countless men, women, teenagers who somehow discovered what God had already placed inside them to do more than they could ask or even imagine.    And we all have it, that same courage.

Yet do we truly even know that we do, and when we do, do we even use it?

Yes, it takes courage to sit in non-violent protest as people spit and beat on you and strip away at your dignity because of something you could do nothing about, biology.

And it also takes courage to say

‘I love you’.  To say ” I forgive you”. To say “I’m sorry”.  To say “I am enough”. To say “I want to change…today”.  To say “I want to get better…I want to heal.” To say ” I will be whole”.  To say “I will make a difference.”

  To say” I am afraid, but I will go on”.  To say “I am hurting, but I still have hope.” To say “I need help.”

To say “Thank you” To say “I am worthy”

Have you discovered your courage?

Seek it.  Embrace it. Use it.  And Pass it on.

Tolmao (tol-mah-o): Greek for courage: I dare, endure, am bold; To courageously venture forward by putting fear behind and embracing the fruit that lies ahead for taking a necessary risk.


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  1. Hebe Wall says:

    This is wonderful!
    You are amazing, Beth-Sarah Wright -You know! …That is a powerful witness to those of us who struggle with people who don’t understand the reason, Why?
    Why people act in such a controlling way; who hurt others, and who have no real love for other precious human, ordinary souls..
    I have an idea or feel it’s due to a very difficult, unloving childhood and these unhappy souls are everywhere; particularly in churches…….maybe,
    it’s due to feeling or being inadequate.. They are destroying and/or hurting our places of Worshp..Our churches are declining rapidly..and i’m sad..

    Please give me (us) some uplifting answers as to how we can handle these unhappy, hurting souls.

    The Best to you every single day..
    We are Blessed to have you and Bishop Wright in our Diocese.

    Look forward to seeing you in Calhoun at St. Timothy’s, Thursday, February, 6….

    Travel safely..!Vaya con dios!

    Hebe Wall,
    St. Mark’s
    Dalton, GA

  2. Thank you Hebe! I am looking forward to being in Calhoun this Thursday. Blessings always!

  3. bibaker34@aol.com says:

    Beth, we are excited that you will participate in Read Across American programs at F.L. Stanton and Peyton Forest Schools; can you send a press pack consisting of a photo and a brief bio (four-five lines) ASAP? We will work with the schools to create publicity. Thanks, Beryle (770 853 6119)

  4. Gloria says:

    There’s a post on Facebook that says, “God is a frequency within us. Tune in.” Courage is a spirit of God. It focuses us on what is necessary in the moment and blots out all distractions. Thank you, First Lady Beth-Sarah.

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