Being Whole

“We are all on this journey to wholeness. And the difference between being whole and having a hole in our heart in our soul is simply a “W” a “W” for worship. The question is what story do you worship? What do you choose to hold dear, to listen to, learn from, to obey? What story do you worship? The story of “I can’t face it…it is just too hard….the story that I must keep this to myself…there is no hope…I can’t make sense…Why? Why me?” Or do you worship Gods’ Story? A story of hope, grace, mercy and redemption; a story of new life emerging from lifeless bodies; of laughing babies born from infertile wombs; of teenagers who slay giants and of faith the size of a mustard seed that can move mountains. To fasten our stories to God’s story, empowers us to see that resurrection in our lives is possible. There is always hope. Healing and help too.  Joy, life and light are always within reach. It’s all a choice isn’t it.  What story do you choose?  Choose well!”

From my keynote address at Community of Hope Annual Conference in Texas, June 2, 2015.