Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright

Passionate advocate for authenticity in our lives and in our communities.


Look what I found on our morning walk in LA!  This gorgeous lotus flower.  A flower that submerges at night and is able to emerge from murky waters perfectly clean and exquisite.

“Our whole stories make us who we are. The woman I was 8 years ago is not the woman I am now. But the woman I am now wouldn’t be for the woman I was then. I am grateful to God for my depression and for the healing and transformation and growth since. The world looks differently now. My own reflection in the mirror looks different now. I thank God that even in the valleys of our lives, God is with us and that no matter what has happened to us, or what we have done, we are loved and forgiven in the eyes of God, and we are enough, no matter what.”

[Excerpt from talk to Hats off to Women luncheon, Rainbow Village, 2015]

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