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The Privilege of a Lifetime!

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” -C. G. Jung

How much do we truly live into who we are…who we are meant to be…who we were created to be in the eyes of God?  How often do we peel back the persona the mask that we wear everyday?  You know the one.  The one that protects us, comforts us, hides us.  The one we have come to rely on, to lean on.

What if we were to take it off?  Put it aside.  Be vulnerable.  Be open.  Be real. Be true to ourselves and see ourselves for who we are.  Fabulously and wonderfully made!  Where even our scars glow with hope and peace and transformation.  Where we can feel what we feel and not be ashamed of it but embrace it and move through it.  Where we see that we are enough.  Where we are whole.  Where we truly become who we are.

Oh, what a joy! Let’s do this.

God, may your dream for us become our lives.

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  1. Hebe Wall says:

    Yes, yes!! If only we all would live into the person, God intends us to be!! I’ve been saying this to my adult children for a long time. And yes,,take off our masks, i know our world would be a better one! My favorite people are those who are real, who have the love, pease and Joy inside and out!! :)
    These people make me smile and i’m always Thanking God for putting them in my path; I’m smiling now when i think of them (like you!) Have a Blessed day, Dr. Sarah-Beth Wright!! (By the way, “You
    are my Sunshine.”

  2. bibaker34@aol.com says:

    Thanks for the Privilege message. FYI–see the attachments–can you help us spread the word about our tango fitness event and fundraiser?

    Photo: If “Mama Bird” (age 92) can take a private ballroom lesson in preparation for our event, what are we waiting on?

    Beryle 770 853 6119

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