Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright

Passionate advocate for authenticity in our lives and in our communities.

Watch my book trailer, Becoming Who I Am!

Click here: Book Trailer: Becoming Who I Am 

“I am not what happened to me…I am who I choose to become.“-C.G. Jung

Wise words.  Words that are filled with hope.  Words that remind us that no matter where we are right now, or what we may be going through, or what we have already been through, does not define us.  These experiences whether filled with joy or pain, lightness or darkness, laughter or tears, do not make us who we are.  We choose who we want to become.

We choose!

Let our prayer be to reach inside to find the courage to become who we choose to be and to become who we are!

Watch below.  This is one of three of my book trailers, each with an excerpt of poetry.

Enjoy…comment, share!

Click here: Book Trailer: Becoming Who I Am 

3 Responses so far.

  1. Gloria Lawson Sylvester says:

    FL Beth-Sarah, you totally inspire me! The trailer is phenomenally pure love! Thank you for living your life out loud.

  2. Thank you Sister Gloria. You are a gem!

  3. Chimen Rogers says:

    Dear Beth-Sarah, It was good to see you tonight. What I really wanted to tell you is that I struggle to tell my story sometimes because I have told my story to some people who later I regretted telling. I can tell my therapist, and I can tell the people who love me unconditionally. I love your courage to tell your story to so many people. Perhaps, I can my story with courage as you have one day. I look forward to reading your book. Blessings, Chimen

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