Fill me up!

Making promises to ourselves at the new year is something we feel drawn to.  ‘This year will be different,’ we say. We feel somehow we’ve been given a second chance, an opportunity to do something different, something new, something life-changing.  Ever wonder why we wait a whole year?

Every day is an opportunity for a second, third or twenty-fifth chance. Each day we’re given a chance to do something new, something different. To sing a new song.  Dance a new dance.  Tell a new story.  Think new thoughts. Become more of who we are.  Fill our mouths, our hearts, our minds, our hands with all things new.

In the winter, with its long, dark and cold days, I often feel depleted.  Empty.  Searching for something new to fill up with.  Then I remember each morning I can say, “Thank you God for this opportunity to love you more, love myself more and love others more.”  And I can repeat it over and over again, like a mantra,  filling my veins with hope, love and the belief that I can be new…again.

I want to be full.