Look again: A vision based on DIGNITY

My soul weeps for all this death and tragedy. I am flooded with so many thoughts and emotions. But continuously am drawn to this question: “Will you respect the dignity of every human being?” Not tolerate, not work with, not be friends with, not like, not even love every human being….RE-SPECT. To look again. It is the difficult and uncomfortable yet absolutely essential and courageous act of seeing differently; seeing beyond what we THINK we see and actually see what is common to us all, value, worth and limitless human potential Let’s face it, if we are honest we could ALL do a better job of truly seeing people who are different from us, who we disagree with, who have hurt us… It is not a request to change your heart but to change what you see. Or else we will be perpetrators of what Ralph Ellison describes here: “I am invisible…people refuse to see me…they see only my surroundings, themselves (their fear, their anger) or figments of their imaginations…eveything and anything except me.”
It is not what you look at that matters…it is what you see.-Henry David Thoreau
Will you respect the dignity of evey human being?
For God’s sake, let us open our eyes and look again. It just might save a life.
‘Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things…”Psalm 119:18
#humandignityisnonnegotiable #DIGNITY #openoureyes

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  1. – Yes, Yes, a resounding Yes to everything you said! I agree totally and completely with you that “Respecting the Dignity of Every Human” is tantamount with every single person we meet and know.. We read the Baptismal vows today and that line has always been one of the most important things we say a n d, “You are marked as Christ’s own Forever” is another very powerful statement to me – I can hardly breathe when i say this! Yes, those two quotes are a part of me…
    It’s so good to hear from you today!! Hebe Wall

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