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Joy in Purpose(s)

Day 14. #pilgrimagetojoy

Most of us will have multiple sources of purposes in our lives.

Harvard Business Review

Ever think you only have one purpose in life? Ever wait for your one purpose to be revealed? What if we were to shift that whole thinking to embrace that we actually have multiple purposes? That we have different purposes- different strengths and gifts and talents to be used and leveraged?

It gives me great joy to consider the possibility that we have multiple dimensions. That we don’t have to limit ourselves to having an elusive single purpose. This is a common misconception as we search for meaning and purpose in our lives.

We may be waiting for this one magical, panacea. This one thing that we devote our lives to. This one purpose we must embody to be whole. when we think of folks we admire, who we feel found their purpose, we confine them to one dimension.

On the contrary, we are versatile as humans beings. We have multiple strengths- yes, maybe some more pronounced than others. But we have much to share and we need to embrace that. Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights leader and icon. He was also a husband, a father, a brother, a friend.

Let us explore all of who we are. Let us share all of who we are with the world. That gives me great joy!

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