Staying close in a new world of social distancing

We’re all feeling in it to some degree. The necessary strain of keeping apart from each other. Yet some of us, regardless of the severe warnings, still yearn to be close to others and are risking their own and other’s health. Just look to some crowded beaches in popular Spring Break destinations.

Of all times, in this climate of heightened anxiety, being with others is what many of us so desperately seek, and truth be told, need. I see my teenagers upset they are not with their friends, feeling cooped up in the house and disappointed they will more than likely live out the rest of their freshman year of college at home. Many are feeling the pang of loneliness and depression and anxiety may be settling in.

But in all this, we are probably all closer together than we’ve been in recent times as families, local communities and even as a country. We are praying for loved ones and strangers. Calling and texting folks we haven’t in ages. Creating ways to build community even when we are not physically together in spiritual ways (drive-in churches!), and innovative ways for learning and education. We are sharing tips for homeschooling, even sharing silly adult games on social media just to keep our minds occupied and bring some needed laughter. Think of all the ways we are connecting even while we are being asked to stay apart.

We are remarkable! Let us remember the ways we are banding together now, transcending national and international boundaries and race and age and gender and religion and economic status and even politics.

This is joyful news!

Day 21 #pilgrimagetojoy