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A wake up call?

This morning I read in the NY Times the findings of the World Happiness report showing Finland being named the number 1 country in the world in terms of happiness. The authors questioned the timeliness of this report in the time of coronavirus. Ultimately, they concluded, that there are lessons the US, whose ranking dropped to number 18, may need to heed.

It is likely to be the case that we will come through this better if we hold our social connections together…We can’t fight this epidemic just at the individual level. We need a lot of shared action.”

Jeffrey D. Sachs, Professor at Columbia University and director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network that publishes the annual World Happiness Report

At the same time, I received a text from a friend saying, “This virus stuff I believe is giving our citizens a wake up call; despite the political competition for the soul of our nation, we are recognizing the need to come together to pray and work to defeat this common enemy.”

I pray we use this time in our homes as an opportunity to pause and reflect and rethink who we are- as individuals, our families, our local communities and as a nation. I deeply pray there is something good, something joyful even to discover here…

May God help us to wake up and see anew.

Day 24 #pilgrimagetojoy

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