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Keeping it together in COVID-19.

Social isolation is something I am familiar with as a person who battles depression. Sometimes as a survival mechanism. Sometimes as an alert things are getting really bad. And now here we are all being asked to socially isolate for our safety. For some this is a welcomed respite. For others this is triggering all sorts of anxiety, loneliness, mental instability, increased depression.

I appreciate healthcare professionals keeping this in the fore as the current climate can really be very difficult for some of us who struggle with mental health issues.

Here are some helpful tips to deal with social isolation from Emory’s department of Psychiatry, where I am an assistant adjunct professor.

And a word from me:

You are not in control of COVID-19 but you are in control of YOU. 
Be kind to yourself 
Take care of yourself 
Love yourself. 
You are not alone. 
You are loved.
You are worthy.
You are more than capable of moving through this.

Day 30 #pilgrimagetojoy

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  1. Kei Breedlove says:

    This was a GREAT post! Thank you so much for sharing! You are the best! Hugs and kisses!

  2. Don Plummer says:

    Hi. Beth-Sarah. Thank you for being a brave, stereotype busting voice for those with mental health issues.

    I wish you would get together a group of people such as yourself who could become a God squad for those fighting little health issues!

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