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Time for a Miracle

At least 30 more days of stay at home regulations to slow down the spread.

A projection of 100,000-240,000 fatalities.

A frightening forecast. Time for a miracle. But also time to remember that miracles happen every day, in the most unexpected places, the most unexpected times, even in the most simple actions; even in the moments others take for granted. Miracles are closer to us than we might think. Thank God.

The same God who brought sight to the blind
Breathed new life into the dead
Planted babies into barren wombs
Cast demons into pigs
Commended the lame to walk
Fed thousands with little
Halted the flow of disease
Walked on water

Is the same God who
Wake us up each morning
New mercies we see
Breathes new life into the dead marriage
Broken spirit, wounded soul
Plants seeds of opportunities of hope, of help, of grace into 
Seemingly infertile situations
Banishes the temptations, the enemies, the bad company
By giving us the will and power to say "Go!"

Commands us to wake up, get up and choose a new path
Feeds many through willing souls,
Unexpected generosity,
Kind gestures, acts, 
Who brings good news in the hospital, new medicines, 
new cures, new understandings.

Miracles surround us every day
Tears that wash away pain
Tears that punctuate joy
A laugh that erupts from our bellies
Touches and hugs that bring comfort and solace
Love that appears in the most unexpected places
Bringing buoyant life, like oxygen to our lungs. 

from Becoming Who I Am

Day 35 #pilgrimagetojoy

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    Dear Beth,

    You and Rob are much strength to me!

    Michael in LaGrange

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