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Things Seen and Unseen

What is really important? I remain somewhat surprised that some states still have not asked their residents to stay home. I remain surprised at the delayed response some states took to implement these guidelines to save lives.

I do understand many factors influence these major decisions but I thank God it has become apparent that human lives are of utmost importance.

That each of us doing our part can save lives.  
That what we thought was important before may not be that important any more.  
That our sight has been refocused.  
Our souls have been recalibrated.
Our interests refreshed. 
What we value, reweighed.
Our lives reimagined. 

It took this unseen contagion for us to see our lives differently.  

What do you see now?  

We believe in One God…maker of heaven and earth, of all that is, seen and unseen.

From The Nicene Creed

Day 37 #pilgrimagetojoy

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  1. Monika says:

    Good morning to you Dear Beth-Sarah,

    I heard the call this morning to find the golden ribbon that would carry me through this uncertain time. As I search within my soul to find the connection to God I pause for breath. I am keen to find direction as I take up my place as a steward of the beautiful home we have, Gaia.
    I believe it is a time to tune in too the quiet voices of all sentient beings and raise the gauntlets in protection and adorations of all the Trees, Plants, Animals, Fishes & winged ones!

    Let our lives be a “Little care package” for all of Life! Moving forward into the unknown, let us be brave and creative on the Journey.

    Highest regards with Love,

  2. How beautiful Monika! Thank you. Joy to you!

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