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Resting in the Power!

This is the Lentiest Lent I have ever Lented! And I have experienced several Lent-y Lents. I’ve used Lents before as a time to reflect on my story and in doing so there are opportunities to turn back some pages, consider new endings and start new chapters. There is much power and vulnerability in this as I occupy a position of authorship and editor. In all of it is a healthy dose of forgiveness, self- love and courage to see the Good Friday parts of my story with new eyes.

Well this Lent with the uncertainty of this COVID-19 has knocked me off my feet. But when I really think about it, more than ever, this is when we need that power. We might not be able to control COVID-19 but we are empowered to control how we respond in the face of this uncertainty.

This is what Lent is…an opportunity for us to keep our eyes on the prize. To rest in the power of the many Lents and Good Fridays we have witnessed and trust that an Easter resurrection awaits us. Now is the time to hold fast, to reflect, to innovate, to shift, to forgive, to love harder than we have loved before, knowing that something so incredible, unfathomable and remarkable will occur.

Let’s rest in that power!

Day 39 #pilgrimagetojoy

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