Our Soul Valley- Holy Saturday

From time to time we are all tempted to give up and crumble under the lack of hope. But we are given an awesome gift! The gift of Jesus‘s resurrection! Knowing that he lives gives us the strength to live through our “Holy Saturday Moments.” those moments when our own resurrections are uncertain and are our future outcomes remain suspended.

Holy Saturday is that space in between loss and hope, where we don’t know if we will ever grasp joy again. In that space we are called to show up, to stand up, and to look up.

In this, our soul valley, we are urged to draw close to, desperately hold onto, and embrace God. Now is the time to be courageous, grasp onto our convictions, and allow the confidence that God “will not fail us or for sake us”, to fill up our spines and hold us up right as we crawl, walk, run towards the light of hope!