Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright

Passionate advocate for authenticity in our lives and in our communities.

He is Risen!

All my life I sing to God 
Songs of praise
As prayer 
For God's wonderful reversals!
-From Becoming Who I Am

Say yes to God’s story again today!

Write the healing story into our own life stories and PASS IT ON! Choose to tell the story that laughter will wipe away the tears; light will shatter the darkness and that death is not the end. We are an Easter people! And we cannot be silent. Jesus said, even the stones shall cry out in praise.

So choose God’s story again today! Speak it, sing it, dance it, photograph it, pray it, serve it, write it, work it, heal with it, give it, be it, do it, believe it, tell it.

Say yes to God’s story again today!

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