Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright

Passionate advocate for authenticity in our lives and in our communities.

New!: A Brave Space with Dr. Meeks-Podcast

Dr. Wright uses her giftedness as a storyteller to speak clearly about dignity, allowing those who seek authenticity to have a concrete and sensible model to follow…She invites readers into the bold work of courageously naming what needs to be named to facilitate healing and then to keep moving toward building authentic community.

Dr. Catherine Meeks, co-author, Passion for Justice: Ida B. Wells as Prophet for Our Time, and Executive Director, Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing

What an honor it was to sit down with Dr. Catherine Meeks on her podcast: Click here to listen: A Brave Space with Dr. Meeks to discuss my new book DIGNITY: Seven Strategies for Authentic Community. (Available for pre-order now at https://www.churchpublishing.org/dignity.

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