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It’s your choice…

Last night I had the great joy of sharing some of my writings from Becoming Who I Am with a book club called Her Way of Love…from Germany to Georgia!! I wrote the book a few years ago overlaying my story though meditations and poetry on the story of Jesus. In reading some of the poetry prompted by beautiful and provocative questions by this group of women, I was reminded once again of the power of our stories.

We’ve been hearing a lot of stories lately. The stories of the medical workers on the frontline. The stories of the 900 or so medical workers who have died saving others. The stories of some of the 170,000 plus souls who have perished as a result of COVID. The stories of the family members they leave grieving. The stories of those citizens who have died senselessly at the hands of police. The stories of the police who commit to serve and protect. The stories of history making candidates for political office. Stories of teachers who struggle with returning to teach and staying home. The stories of families who struggle with sending their children to school and keeping them home. The stories of children who are eager to return to school and who are afraid of leaving their homes. We have been reminded of the story of our nation. All parts of the that story. The story of the dream. The story of the reality.

Just a reminder.

We have the power to write the ending to our stories. What ending do you want? Choose well.

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