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Santa Fe 2019- A soulful homecoming

It has been such an unexpected joy and discovery to be at the True Secret of Writing Retreat with renowned author Natalie Goldberg.  It is a Sit, Walk Write retreat in the stunning vista of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Writing is an act of discovery she says and indeed I have plumbed the depths of my mind here through writing.  And the practice of writing 10 minutes at a time, has simply been a gift.  To open my mind, put the pen to paper, keep the hand moving.  What a discovery!  And Santa Fe…When I went to Cape Coast, Ghana last year I felt I had gone home even though I was stepping on foreign soil brand new to my feet.  Santa Fe is another place I have felt a homecoming. It is a soulful homecoming.

I am thinking of this cool breeze whispering through the open door, caressing my neck and cheek.  I’m thinking how this place reminds me of St. Elizabeth in Jamaica.  It is silent now but the birds sweetly chirping and  the leaves rustling create a blanket of peace over the is place.  I’m thinking how my husband and I feel and longing for this place and imagine this being our home in the future and yet this is the first time either of us have ever visited this place.  I feel a connection to the peace cascading all around us but is the Santa Fe of daily living? Will this peace pervade when the quotidian responsibilities reemerge?  And water.  I need water.  To her it and see it and feel it.  And I’ve heard that swimming is difficult in Santa Fe.

I’m thinking of the beautiful azure sky and the crisply defined clouds and I am home.  St. Bess. Have I seen this blue outside of Jamaica?  This may be the first. Listen to those birds. Just tickling the air with their sweetness.  and the flowers wild and wispy and willowy.  And the colors so vivid. I saw a purple today that reminded of me royalty and a blue that was so rich and pure.  Not like th sky but with more red, almost violet.  Oh the breeze is so sweet.

As we slow walked this morning I rediscovered the universe of animals and organisms of which humans are just a few.  And I thought how carefully we must walk to avoid killing these tiny organisms.  Tiny, busy ants scuttling across the walkway.  They stop when the shadow of our feet draws near.  And so why wouldn’t we be careful and gentle?  Does size dictate whether or not they have a soul?  No.  These are infinitesimal souls. I’m thinking a lot here.  Thank you for this opportunity to think.

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